Ramona has been seen on stages in Chicago, London, New York and all over New England. She also teaches theater to kids at a delightful performing arts center. Ramona, who is half Colombian, speaks Spanish.

Her guilty pleasure is Real Housewives of (Anywhere).

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Ramona Master  

Manic Pixie AudioBook Narrator

Ramona is available for work in her home studio. She has a StudioBricks booth, Austrian Audio OC18 microphone, a PreSonus AudioBox. She uses StudioOne, Twisted Wave and Audacity. She is able and experienced doing directed sessions via Zoom, Skype and SourceConnect.

Please contact Ramona directly for information about other names under which she narrates. She is available for kids, tween/teen, non fiction, and books with some Spanish, credited to her other name.

Manic Pixie AudioBook Narrator

To contact Ramona for audiobook opportunities, please contact her directly at: