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  • 3:25

Thriller/SciFi, F/F Dialogue

Now that she's been infected, can she get passed her suspicious colleague to reach base camp? Or will it turn violent?


Con't Romance, 3rd Person, M/F Dialogue

Will Jordan and Levi give in to their desires on the sidewalk by her Honda Civic?

  • 3:52

 Con't Romance, Teens, with M/F Dialogue

Will Callan like Coralie's photos for their contest?

  • 4:07

Ramona Master  

Manic Pixie AudioBook Narrator

To contact Ramona for audiobook opportunities, please contact her directly at:


Comedic, with M/F Dialogue

Will a terrible nickname and an even worse tattoo be a deal breaker for her?

Ramona is available for work in her home studio. She has a StudioBricks booth, Rode NT1, a PreSonus AudioBox. She uses StudioOne, Twisted Wave and Audacity. She is able and experienced doing directed sessions via Zoom, Skype and SourceConnect.

  • 4:05

Comedic, F/F Dialogue

Will Coco ever get to explaining what she wants Sam to do?

Manic Pixie AudioBook Narrator

  • 4:11

Con't Romance, Dramatic, with M/F Dialogue

Can BB break through Ken's walls?


Ramona has been seen on stages in Chicago, London, New York and all over New England. She also teaches theater to kids at a delightful performing arts center. Ramona, who is half Colombian, speaks Spanish.

Her guilty pleasure is Real Housewives of (Anywhere).

For more information, please visit--